CEP7-ED1AB, Sprecher Vietnam

CEP7-ED1AB Directly Mounted CEP7
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Sprecher + Schuh Vietnam

Sprecher + Schuh CEP7 Overload Relay


Sprecher + Schuh Advanced Solid State Motor Protection

The second generation of CEP7 solid state overload relays are available in three basic models and comes with several improved features:

  • Selectable trip class and field-installable modules


  • A wider (5:1) set current adjustment range


  • A more robust mechanical and electrical mounting


  • Self-sealed latching mechanism


  • Improved phase failure protection

Another important feature is the reduced heat output. The total power consumption of the CEP7 circuits is extremely low, resulting in low power losses and reduced heat being generated in the enclosure.

The CEP7 overload relay is also designed to connect directly to the CA7 series contactors, providing a compact assembly while ensuring easy access to all wiring terminals. A separate mounting bracket enables the CEP7 to be used with other contactors.

  • Use with Sprecher + Schuh CA7 Series Contactors


  • Wide Adjustment Range


  • Fast and Accurate Response


  • Low Heat Dissipatio

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Sprecher + shuh C8 Overload Relay

The CT8 thermal overload relays provides simple and effective motor protection for applications up to 12 Amps. Designed for use in single phase AC motor applications, the CT8 relays are temperature compensated and feature a fail-safe “trip-free” design.

Other features include:

  •   NO and NC contacts are standard


  •   Automatic or manual reset modes


  •   Remote reset module and trip indication


  •   Phase loss sensitivity


  •   Motor protection for AC or DC motors


  •   Use with Sprecher + Schuh CA8 Series Mini-Contactors

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Part Number


CEP7-ED1AB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-ED1BB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-ED1CB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-ED1DB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-ED1EB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEAB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEBB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EECB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEDB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEEB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EECD Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEDD Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEED Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEFD Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEEE Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEFE Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-EEGE Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7S-EEPB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7S-EERB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7S-EESB Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7S-EETD Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7S-EEUE Directly Mounted CEP7
CEP7-ED1CP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-ED1DP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-ED1EP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-EECP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-ED1CP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-ED1DP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-ED1EP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-EECP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-EEDP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-EEEP Pass-Thru CEP7
CEP7-EEGF Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEVF Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEHF Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEJF Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEJG Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEKG Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EELG Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EEMH Large Amp CEP7
CEP7-EENH Large Amp CEP7
CA6-HB2 Main Terminal Set
CA6-HB3 Screw Type Lugs
CA6-L180 Screw Type Lugs
CA6-L420 Screw Type Lugs
CA6-L630 Screw Type Lugs
CA6-L860 Screw Type Lugs
CA6-TC180 Main Terminal Cover
CA6-TC420 Main Terminal Cover
CA6-TC860 Main Terminal Cover
CEP7-ERR Remote Reset Module
CEP7-EJM Jam Protection & Remote Reset Module
CEP7-EPT PTC Termistor Relay
CEP7-EPRB Network Comm. Module
CEP7-ETN Network Comm. Module
CEP7-EGF Ground Fault Protection
CEP7-EGJ Ground Fault/Jam Protection
CEP7-EMC Adjustment Cover
CEP7-CBCT1 Ground Fault Sensor
CEP7-CBCT2 Ground Fault Sensor
CEP7-CBCT3 Ground Fault Sensor
CEP7-CBCT4 Ground Fault Sensor
CEP7-EPB DIN-rail/Panel Adaptor
CEP7-EPD DIN-rail/Panel Adaptor
CEP7-EPE DIN-rail/Panel Adaptor
CEP7-BC8 Current Adjustment Shield
CEP7-ERA External Reset Button
CEP7-EMR Solenoid Remote Reset